ORICoop is excited to be working  with Southern Cross University and leading educators to develop best practice skills required on organic farms, to provide land for research, and enable pathways for the next generation of organic & biodynamic farmers to thrive.

Organic & Regenerative Farming Career Pathways


So you are interested in a long term career in Agriculture?  You are keen to work hard, and learn about growing food?  Or you have already been working in Agriculture and interested to transition to organic and regenerative farming?  You are in the right place!

The future for organic, biodynamic and regenerative farming across Australia is bright.  The demand for more organic produce is at an unprecedented level.  For anyone pursuing a career in Organic Agriculture – we have included some places to start or expand on your farming journey into Organic and Regenerative Agriculture.  The critical piece for the organic industry to grow – is for the ‘best in class’ next generation of experienced farm managers and businesses to step forward, gain the necessary experience and expertise, gain access to farmland and learn from those well travelled in organic and biodynamic farming systems.

 ORICoop has enquiries from existing farmers and potential managers that are interested to connect.  You can register your details with ORICoop HERE.   Consider joining the Organic & Biodynamic Farmer’s Group via facebook and connect with 1000’s of farmers Australia wide interested to grow, expand and diversify their business.

Organic Best Practice Education


ORICoop is passionate about enabling farmers to collaborate and share the latest best practice knowledge to see more land farmed in a more regenerative manner, by more people over the long term.

We have strong partnerships with organic best practice educators around Australia and aligned organisations doing great things towards our united mission of more land and better equipped farmers.   We are keen to see more on-farm field days around organic best practice, more short courses that enable farmers to tap into the valuable resources of experienced organic farmers, and best practice advisory.  This enables farmers to better their understanding of the value of healthy soils, building carbon, regenerative agriculture, protecting of natural ecosystems, building localised food systems, and post farm gate marketing strategies.

If you are interested to host an organic or biodynamic farm field day – you can register your interest HERE


Educators in Organic and Regenerative Agriculture include:

National Environment Centre – offering courses in Agroecology, Organic Farming, and Permaculture online and via distance education

Southern Cross University – offers a Bachelor of Science, with a Regenerative Agriculture major (released 2020)

Center for Organic Research – ongoing education and research into regenerative farming systems in Australia

RegenEducation – many practical educational opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture in Australia and beyond

The Business of Permaculture – Completed a permaculture course, and bursting with ideas and enthusiasm?  Perhaps with limited practical knowledge of what is required to run a successful farm?  This course has been developed for those interested in beginning a career in Organic Farming. This short course is focussed entirely on the business aspect of farming, as this is where many farms fail. Sheia shares her personal insights, mistakes & experiences as first generation organic farmers from the Northern Rivers.

Further Education Opportunities:

Further Reading:

Work Opportunities on Organic and Biodynamic Farms


If you are interested in gaining experience on an organic, biodynamic or regenerative farm around Australia, you can register your interest HERE now.  We also encourage you to become an ORICoop member – and connect directly with organic farmers in your region.

YOU are the future of the organic & biodynamic farming industry, and it’s capacity to grow more food!  We would love to assist your journey of gaining experience, knowledge, mentorship and a clear pathway to becoming a successful organic or biodynamic farmer!

Potential Organic Farm or Land Management Opportunities on existing organic farms include:-

For any interested applicants we encourage you to gain whatever experience you can in farming and business, whether through volunteering, getting to know farmers, or completing online or extension courses.  We strongly support the National Organic Standards & Co-operative Principles amongst farming opportunities.  We are an organisation that believes in a fair days work = a fair days pay.  We expect farms to adhere to the fair and ethical treatment and payment of all farm workers, staff and partners.  All applicants need to be permitted to work in Australia and in the region of the farm.

If you are an existing organic farm owner or manager – and looking for your next generation farmer or have an opportunity for work experience then let us know so we can help you find the right person!  You can promote via the Biological Journal – we also have a growing network of keen farmers Australia wide.  You can send us details of your farm opportunity HERE.